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101 World Records Now Set

July 2010 - the FAI has ratified a further 11 international world records to / from The Bahamas, flown on 16 April 2010, to bring Steve’s total of FAI World Records to 101. This is a record in itself as Steve is the first British pilot to break the 100 world record barrier. He is also the first pilot ever to set 100 or more world records in a US registered homebuilt aircraft. In addition, the Royal Aero Club has ratified a total of 377 records flown by Steve as British National Records.

1 December 2008 - The FAI has ratified the records flown in July confirming Steve’s total of 90 official FAI world speed records. Steve has now set a grand total of 90 FAI  world records in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Royal Air Force!

22 to 29 July 2008 - 13 more FAI world records flown including a transcontinental record from Freeport (Bahamas) to San Diego, CA (USA).

14 July, 2008 - The FAI has ratified a further 13 of Steve's world records bringing his total to a massive 77 claimed records.

April 28, 2008 - The FAI has officially ratified another 35 of Steve’s world speed records giving Steve a grand total of 64 international world speed  records.

April 16, 2008 - Steve flew another 14 international world speed records between the USA and the Bahamas.

March 2008 Steve was unanimously selected by The Air League Council as the 2008 winner of the highly prestigious Scott-Farnie Award. This Award is for the “most meritorious work in the field of air education” and was awarded to Steve as founder of the GreenHawk Trust and for his very active involvement in Flying for the Disabled. The presentation was made by HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at St James' Palace, London on 4 June 2008.

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Steve is honoured to join other notable aviators such as Steve Fossett, Bertrand Piccard, Sir Richard Branson and the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Ed Aldrin and Michael Collins as a recipient of a major award from The Air League.

11 February 2008 - the FAI has ratified a further 26 of Steve’s international world records bringing Steve’s total to 29 records set.

May 2007 - Steve set his first 3 international FAI World Records.


Three records which were accepted as British National Records were disallowed by the FAI. These were:

Burbank, CA (USA) to Vancouver (Canada) - the NAA, the US national aviation  council for the FAI, would not accept Burbank as a valid city despite there being existing world records to and from this city.

Van Nuys, CA (USA) to Vancouver (Canada) - again, the NAA would not accept Van Nuys as a valid city despite world records being set to Van Nuys previously, and Van Nuys is the busiest general aviation airport in the world!

Detroit, MI (USA) to Windsor (Canada) - this record, the shortest city to city record distance ever flown, was flown TOO FAST to satisfy the FAI’s rules on timing accuracy. Steve also flew the reverse direction from Windsor to Detroit and this was accepted as a valid record - no 14776. Setting 101 World Records means that Steve is:

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