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101 World Records Set

Steve Wood has set 101 official international FAI World Speed Records. There were set in accordance with the Sporting Code applicable at the date the record flights were flown. From 2009 the FAI changed the Sporting code to restrict all records flown to a minimum distance of 400 km. Previously ‘International’ records had no minimum distance requirement. All such previously valid records are now considered as ‘retired’ which means that they can never be broken. Indeed Steve set what is believed to be the world’s shortest ever world speed record - Windsor, ON (Canada) to Detroit, MI (USA) and this too can now never be broken!

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Here is a link to a page showing Steve’s ‘retired’ FAI world records

All of Steve’s FAI World Records are listed by the FAI on their website at- Click Here

In addition, Steve has set a total of 377 British National Records, including the following records:

1. All 101 FAI World Records - these must be recognised as British National Records before being passed to the FAI for ratification as World Records.

2. First flight by a British pilot flying a homebuilt airplane around the ‘four corners’ of America - Key West FL, San Diego CA, Bellingham WA, Bangor ME.

3. Shortest ‘city to city’ world speed record - just 0.26 miles!

From Detroit, MI, USA to Windsor, ON, Canada.

4. Three ‘four corners’ flight around America, two of which involved setting multiple FAI world speed records. These included three Transcontinental speed records - Vancouver, Canada to Bangor, USA - Seattle, USA to Halifax, Nova Scotia - Freeport in The Bahamas to San Diego, USA.

5. Based on the official timings recorded for the 101 international FAI world records claimed, and the FAI rules applicable at the date of the record flights, a further 276 world records could have been claimed giving a total of 377 records. All these 377 records have been officially ratified by The Royal Aero Club as British National Records.

Notes: Duplicate records in both the ‘unlimited’ and the aircraft’s ‘weight class’ are often claimed as this is allowed within the FAI rules. All but one of Steve’s records are individual records.